a Decentralized Lab for Sustainable Crypto

We research and create products that aim at decarbonizing the crypto space. We try to save the planet, and have fun while doing it!
We operate on the EnergyWebChain

for you this means
a Blockchain that’s100% powered by
Renewable Energy

Are you afraid of contributing to the demise of the planet by using crypto?
Fear no more!

Near cost-free and
near instant

Tired of being priced out by unbearably high gas fees?
Try the thrill of being a gwei trillionaire

Built on a chain supported by the
global energy community

Built on a blockchain positioned as the industry’s leading choice to build and run energy dApps


a Decentralized exchange, based on the security of Uniswap V2 contracts, that allows you to do your deFi degen business fast and cheaply...and did we mention environmentally sustainably too!?
Bridged from
in the pools
24h Swap
What is Bridging?

SUSU is many things
Superpower 1
a governance token

a fairly launched governance token that will allow you to decide on the direction of the project, and offset impermanent loss

Superpower 2

by staking SUSU, you get it’s stronger brother xSUSU, that earns for you 0.05% of the swap fees, without the
impermanent loss, and keeping the governance rights

Superpower 3
a utility token for sustainable crypto

SUSU will power many of the other decentralized sustainable apps and projects (like decarbonized NFT mining) that are in our roadmap

SUSU Tokens can still be farmed!
Provide liquidity and earn a piece of this sustainable future
Once upon a time a cloud of soot decided to actually make a difference in the world and coalesced into a multi-human consciousness that now roams the cryptosphere
Soot Team Soot Team
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